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Financial Educational Conferences

VitalStone Financial believes in providing the necessary education for you to make informed decisions about your financial health and to take control of your financial lives. We have been providing a “Financial Grand Rounds” education conference for students, residents, faculty and business owners for over 5 years. Our team of professionals is experienced in developing superior education programs specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients and their employees. Our conferences have been extremely popular among our clients and their associates or employees.

Recent “Financial Grand Rounds” Topics:

Time Value of Money

Asset Protection – Life and Disability Needs

How to Optimize Your Life Insurance

Estate Planning

Saving and Investing for Retirement

Unique Financial Planning Needs for Physicians, Dentists and HealthCare Professionals

Student Loan and Debt Reduction Strategies

Contract Review

Business Strategies for your Medical Practice

Implementing Employee Benefits for your Business

Mutual Funds vs Institutional Money Management

Advanced Retirement Planning and Tax Reduction Strategies

Executive Bonuses for Physicians


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